Our cattery is a separate building located in a quiet, secluded area some distance from the kennels.

Inside our wooden isolated chalet are 3 individual sections comprising of 8 pens, which are thermostatically heat controlled. In each section there is a central area that the cats can use daily when they are fed and their pen is being cleaned.

Each pen has a comfy warm bed but owners can bring their own if they wish (all bedding/toys are left at your own risk). Litter trays are cleaned daily and water/food bowls cleaned and disinfected daily.

Cats are fed in accordance with owners’ instructions and individual diets can be catered for. Owners can bring their own food if they wish.

Prescribed medications will be administered free of charge as we feel it is unfair to penalize you for having a poorly pet. We only request clear written instructions on dosage please.

Feliway diffusers are used to minimize any stress with new arrivals.

We ask politely that cats are up to date with worming and flea control. Any parasites found will be treated and charged for on depature. During busier times you may be fined 3 day charge of £28.50, as it takes 3 days for a pen to be flea treated and cleaned before it is safe for another cat to use, therefore we can not use that pen as another cat will be at risk of catching fleas!

We are fully insured with Petplan but any pre-existing condition will not be covered by our insurance.

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